Monday, March 11, 2019

New Team + New Kit

Now on to my new team “TeamTypeOne” I am privileged to ride and race with the Novo Nordisk Junior Team and race in places I wouldn’t think I would be able to 8 years ago and it’s all thanks to Cycling Club Hackney and I can’t wait start training and racing with my new team😊👌🏽

Almost 9 years with cycling club Hackney. I can’t express how great these years have been; from not being able to ride properly to now at the fitness and skill level I’m at now. I would like to thanks all the coaches at cch and all the rides for feeling like a warm family no matter what.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Urban Hill Climb 2018

Last Saturday I raced at the urban hill climb at Swain’s lane it is a 680m climb at a average of 6% all the way up to 16%
This is how I go on
I came 6th in my  category and 175th overall out of 400
My aim was to get under 2min and I  achieve this with a time of
Here’s some pictures of the day

Monday, July 16, 2018


Team novo nordisk ID Camp

What a great week I had in America with team novo nordisk the only pro team with type 1 Diabetic riders 5 days of tough of training and lots of advice on how to manage my diabetes on and off the bike and had great fun. I would like to thank all the staff at the camp for making a wonderful time and all the other diabetics for making  it a fun and cool time

To find more about the camp you can head over to team novo nordisk website to see some videos of the camp

Photo credits- @bolsterphoto

Sunday, July 8, 2018


Great day had a few time trails and and some chaingang then we did some chasing the bunch/break away then later played abit of bingo and won a saddle and a jersey!!!
Nice weather did some team time trailing followed  by some lead outs very hard session also got to ride with the CEO of the team phil southerland great to have chat and ride
Later went for a nice swim then did some bike handling skills

Diabetes managing:
At the camp my blood sugar has been really good and I haven't been over 12 or under 3 and the doctors and staff have been giving us really good advice about racing days and rest days and how it can effect our bloods

Friday, July 6, 2018

TNN ID Camp Day 1

Thursday--Flight was long about 9 hours got to watch 4 films!! Alright food rice and chicken  and got very nice sleep

Friday---Short day had a medical test with some of the doctors here and did a test on the bike (turbo) Really hard and good 

Also got lots of good kit and looking forward to tomorrow 

Monday, June 25, 2018

London Youth Games 2018

On Saturday the 23rd of June it was the youth games where boroughs round London come together and compete against each other in many different sports.

on Saturday it was the cycling and first was the time trail at the lee valley velo park. it was 4 laps and i got a time of 9.59 i finished in 7th.

later on in the day was the road race. me and my team mate Ewan was in a break with 5 other people
and we lasted 8 of the 12 laps and the bunched got brought back together with 2 laps remaining me and ewan positioned our self's well and lunged across the line in 5th and Ewan 7th

At the end of the day Hackney came out on top and it was the 5 time we have won it and kept the cup
i would like to thank all the coaches t cycling club Hackney and all the riders there i couldn't have done it without them and also the junior riders for training me up to Saturday (logan,frank)

i have included photos from saturday
all photo credits to Andy Bardi


Thursday, June 21, 2018



hi my name is kai watts
I take part in many sports like:
but especially Cycling!

About Type 1 and Me:
I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in June 2011 when I was 8 years old, I am now 15.  Type 1 Diabetes is where the pancreas stops making insulin.  Insulin is the key to unlocking glucose in the bloodstream to make energy.  Everyone with Type 1 Diabetes needs to take insulin either by injection pens or by pump.

I use an insulin pump Medtronic 640g – insulin is delivered via a cannula 24 hours a day for basal insulin and for bolus (meals) I take my blood glucose, count the carbs and the pump then delivers the amount of insulin according to the time of day, my blood glucose reading and the amount of carbs I am going to eat.

Now this is on a normal day – when I am cycling, racing and training I need to take all these factors into account to prevent hypos (below 4mmol).  The ideal range for a Type 1 is between 4mmol – 10 mmol.  Lots of information – yes – and all of which need to be followed for every meal, prior to any exercise and after exercise and 24 hours a day.  From the first weekend after I was diagnosed I continued to cycle and take part in sports.  

I joined cycling club Hackney when i was about 7 and i began to race when i was 9 when i first joined i never knew how to corner or have any techniques on the bike and each Saturday when i went to the club I gained these skills and i learnt alot!

on Saturday 24th February. i was awarded with Gold Award for the British Cycling Young volunteer scheme at Go -Ride Conference IWM Duxford. this i felt was my way for giving back to the club for everything I leant and and still learning